Are You in Danger of Cross Contaminating Your Waterline?

Are You in Danger of Cross Contaminating Your Waterline?

Set up backflow testing in Clayton, Apex or Raleigh, NC

Backflow is a serious plumbing issue that could lead to health complications if not dealt with quickly. That's why William Parrish Plumbing, Inc. performs backflow testing for clients in Apex, Raleigh and Clayton, NC. Our team can test for backflow problems and resolve them quickly once we find them.

Set up backflow testing services today if you've noticed that:

  • Water bubbles as it drains.
  • You have multiple drain lines clogged at one time.
  • Even your unused drains are clogged.

If you have a backflow issue, it could contaminate your water supply. Our team will install a device to make sure everything is working exactly as it should. Schedule a backflow test today by calling our Raleigh office at 919-810-3101, our Clayton office at 919-998-8666 or our Apex location at 919-763-7964 .

Do you know what's blocking your sewer?

If your drains are clogged, there may be something blocking your sewer line. That's why William Parrish Plumbing provides sewer inspection services in Raleigh, Clayton and Apex, NC. Using state-of-the-art, color video cameras, we can pinpoint the exact location of a blockage in your sewer line.

A sewer inspection will help us find the exact source of your problem so we can resolve it quickly and effectively. Contact us right now to get more information on this service.